We operate in the advisory domain on large and small projects of creativity and customer experience, integrating ourselves at any stage of the project.

Colla manifesto

Stick to reality

To play hard you need to work hard.
We believe great achievements can be reached only with a great commitment and a continuous reality check.
When things get complex we are ready to work by your side and make mistakes together so, please, be nice!

Stick to you

Sharing a vision is the first step to reach it out.
We don’t want to grow on you, we want to grow with you, doing our part to build your success. As trees do with mushrooms.

We are keen to tell success stories with those brave enough to tell them with us.

Stick to others

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

We believe in diversity and contamination as a driver to face future challenges. We scout and join forces with the best minds all over the globe to magnify value on each project we work on.

Our services

Here we are! And we are not alone

Motion designer

Based in Colombia and Milan

Senior product designer & design ops director

Based in Croatia

Senior UX designer

Based in Milan

Media Strategic planner

Based in Malta

Illustrator, cgi & post-production

Based in Milan

Graphic designer

Based in Milan & Brescia

Art directors

Based in Milan

Frontend Developer

Based in Milan

Tommaso Carapelli

Co-founder and Design Director

Enrico tamiazzo

Co-founder and Managing Director

Colla friends and collabo

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